Questo è l’estratto dell’articolo.

I am Post-doc of Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris at IMJ-PRG and CEREMADE (Paris, France) under the supervision of Jean-Pierre Marco and Jacques Féjoz.

I prepared my PhD thesis Asymptotic Maslov indices at Avignon Université (Avignon, France) under the supervision of Professor Marie-Claude Arnaud and Andrea Venturelli.

My main research interests are dynamical systems. In particular I am working on the Asymptotic Maslov index. This quantity describes how the dynamics makes tangent vectors “rotate” asymptotically. In 2-dimension dynamics it refers to the asymptotic angular velocity of the images of the vectors under the tangent diffeomorphism. In higher dimension this notion is well-defined for symplectic systems. I am interested in the connections between the Asymptotic Maslov index and properties of the system, such as integrability, chaotic behavior…

I am also interested in topological dynamics and its connections with Lyapunov functions: I work with Olga Bernardi on this argument.

E-mail: anna.florio@hotmail.it or anna.florio@imj-prg.fr or anna.florio@dauphine.psl.eu