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Here you can find my CV:CV

Here you can find a list of my publications:

  1. Is every pseudo-orbit of some homeomorphism near an exact orbit of a nearby homeomorphism?, with Olga Bernardi and Jim Wiseman. Preprint (2022).pdf
  2. Steady Euler flows on R^3 with wild and universal dynamics, with Pierre Berger and Daniel Peralta-Salas. Preprint (2022). pdf
  3. Quantitative conditions for right-handedness, with Umberto Hryniewicz. Preprint (2021). pdf
  4. A Conley-type Lyapunov function for the strong chain recurrent set, with Olga Bernardi and Jim Wiseman. To appear in Topology and its Applications (2020). pdf
  5. Smooth conjugacy classes of 3D Axiom A flows, with Martin Leguil. Preprint (2020). pdf
  6. Torsion of instability zones for conservative twist maps on the annulus, with Patrice Le Calvez. Nonlinearity, 34 (2021), no. 1, 411-423. pdf
  7. On the set of points of zero torsion for negative-torsion maps of the annulus. Preprint (2020). pdf
  8. The generalized recurrent set, explosions and Lyapunov functions, with Olga Bernardi and Jim Wiseman. J. Dynam. Differential Equations, 32 (2020), no. 4, 1797-1817. pdf
  9. Torsion and Linking number for a surface diffeomorphism. Mathematische Zeitschrift, 292 (2019), no. 1-2, 231-265. pdf
  10. Existence of Lipschitz continuous Lyapunov functions strict outside the strong chain recurrent set, with Olga Bernardi. Dynamical Systems: An International Journal, 34 (2019), no.1, 71–92. pdf
  11. A Conley-type decomposition of the strong chain recurrent set, with Olga Bernardi. Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, 39(2019), no.5, 1261–1274.  pdf

Here you can find my PhD thesis: theseFLORIO

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